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Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Epilogue]

Title: Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Epilogue]
Pairing(s): Yesung/Sungmin, friendship!Sungmin/Ryeowook, friendship!Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Crack
Warning: Mild language. OOC! Sungmin and some sexual innuendo. (Non-graphic smut in this part.)
Disclaimer: No one owns the boys.
Summary: With seduction in mind, Sungmin tries to attract Yesung's attention. Will the oblivious turtle lover take the bait?

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

"Min, take the card out of my pocket, will you?"

"What? Okay, which one?"

"No! The right pocket, not the left one!"

"If you put me down, you can take it out yourself! I told you that you don't have to carry me into the room, right?"

"What's wrong with wanting to carry my lover bridal-style into our hotel room?"

Sungmin gave up arguing with Jongwoon and reached into the elder's jean pocket with much difficulty. Wresting the thin card out, he reached out from his position in Jongwoon's arms and swiped the card into the lock. As the door's lock beeped in response, Jongwoon turned the doorknob and marched happily into the hotel room, with Sungmin pressed against his chest.

When the king-sized bed was in sight, Jongwoon picked up his pace excitedly and dropped Sungmin playfully onto the mattress. Sungmin giggled as Jongwoon enthusiastically joined him on the bed by practically jumping after him. Hovering above Sungmin, Jongwoon smiled as Sungmin's hands instantly made their way around his neck.

"Isn't someone getting a little too excited?" Jongwoon teased.

Sungmin rolled his eyes and laughed. "Like we're not like this every day."

"True." Jongwoon nodded in agreement. Lowering his head till his lips were a mere breath's away from Sungmin's, Jongwoon stuck out his tongue and licked at Sungmin's lips briefly.

Sungmin watched silently as Jongwoon's tongue slid out and swiped at his bottom lip. One of his hands moved from Jongwoon's neck to his hair, and he tugged on the dark locks a little forcefully. He smirked when Jongwoon let out a shocked cry.

"Such a tease, Jongwoon-ah," Sungmin whispered as he pulled Jongwoon closer till their lips were lightly touching.

Jongwoon chuckled and murmured into Sungmin's lips, "Just like my boyfriend."


Earlier that day, the rest of the Super Junior members had thrown a party to celebrate the couple's relationship. Held in the 12th storey dormitory, the living room was filled with pink streamers (much to Sungmin's delight and Donghae's dismay) and the air was filled with a lively atmosphere that one could only associate with Super Junior.

Han Geng and Ryeowook were given a day off from their cooking duties; Leeteuk had ordered food from a nearby restaurant. Shindong could barely hold in his delight when he answered the door and found a harried-looking delivery boy balancing boxes of food stacked precariously in his hands. He heaved an obvious sigh of relief when Shindong and Siwon alleviated him of the load.

Donghae, who had earlier shied away from the living room, was happily teasing Jongwoon and Sungmin. The couple was inseparable as they made their way through the party. A couple of times, Donghae tried to wriggle his way in between them, and was rewarded with amiable laughter from the couple. On his fourth attempt, Eunhyuk decided to help Jongwoon and Sungmin to get rid of the nuisance and dragged a protesting Donghae away. Jongwoon could only stare disbelievingly while Sungmin laughed at Eunhyuk's harsh actions.

Heechul was surprisingly withdrawn as he clutched his cup of soju wordlessly. His eyes followed the pair silently, as they made their way across the room, chatting happily with the other members.

"What's wrong, hyung?" Heechul instantly jerked his attention away from Jongwoon's and Sungmin's interlaced fingers, and looked up to see Kyuhyun staring questioningly at him.

Heechul was about to shake his head dismissively but decided against it. "Nothing's wrong. I'm just watching our new dear couple."

Kyuhyun sat down next to Heechul on the sofa and tucked his legs to his chest. "I'm surprised that you aren't going out of your way to tease them like what Donghae-hyung or Kangin-hyung's been doing for the past hour."

Heechul shrugged before tipping his cup to his lips. "I can always do that another day. I'm allowing them a reprieve, just for today."

Kyuhyun grinned. "Seems like someone's getting soft..."

Heechul turned to Kyuhyun and scoffed, "Says the one who helped bring our two lovebirds together."

At the end of the party, Leeteuk presented Jongwoon and Sungmin with a card to a suite in a nearby mid-priced hotel. Jongwoon and Sungmin both stared at the card in Leeteuk's hand for a good ten seconds before Leeteuk grabbed Jongwoon's hand and pressed the card onto the other's palm.

"This is sort of a present from the rest of us to you," Leeteuk started to explain. "We thought that you would appreciate some quiet time together, and considering how the two of you will never be able to get it here... We booked a room for the night at the nearby hotel."

Jongwoon smiled at the members' thoughtful actions while Sungmin was busy expressing his gratitude by bowing his head repeatedly.

"Thank you so much!" The two of them said together.

Leeteuk simply flashed a motherly smile and shook his head. "It's the least that we could do for you."

"But," Leeteuk's tone suddenly became serious. "Remember to check out by 12pm, alright?"

Jongwoon carefully stowed the card into his jean pocket and nodded. Suddenly, Kyuhyun appeared at Leeteuk's side and rested his chin on the leader's shoulder.

"I've set the room up with hidden cameras and tape recorders, so unless you want your naked photos leaked onto the internet, please listen to Leeteuk-hyung," Kyuhyun said cheekily.

"Kyuhyun!" Leeteuk turned to admonish Kyuhyun.

But Jongwoon knew that Kyuhyun was joking; the left side of Kyuhyun's lips had quirked up playfully. Still, Jongwoon remembered the time where Kyuhyun had recorded Sungmin's sleep-talking so he didn't want to take any chances.


Sungmin's nails clawed at Jongwoon's back when Jongwoon bit down on his left clavicle. Jongwoon started to trace circles with his tongue on Sungmin's neck, causing Sungmin to jerk his head back in pleasure.

"Jongwoon," Sungmin panted. "St-stop teasing me."

Jongwoon nibbled on Sungmin's collarbone one last time before titling his head up to face Sungmin. He smirked when he processed Sungmin's current state. Sungmin's damp fringe was clinging to his forehead and his half-lidded eyes were practically brimming with unrestrained lust. Together with his breathy moans and his lithe body, which was gleaming with perspiration... Well, Jongwoon could safely declare that it was one hell of a sight.

Sungmin's hand grabbed at Jongwoon's chin and he pulled the other in for yet another open-mouth kiss. Tongues battling heatedly, teeth clashing painfully, Jongwoon and Sungmin didn't care that their saliva were trickling down the sides of their mouths, for all that currently mattered was the pleasure they were both experiencing.

In the midst of their intense lip lock, the both of them somehow managed to take off each other's clothes and now, Sungmin was on top of Jongwoon, straddling his waist.

"I want you, Jongwoon," Sungmin confessed earnestly, as he gently traced shapes on Jongwoon's bare torso.

Jongwoon's eyebrows furrowed slightly. "Are you sure, Min? Are you sure you're ready?"

Sungmin nodded; the firm look in his eyes indicated that he was.


Jongwoon's hand never left Sungmin's as he slowly and carefully thrusted into Sungmin. Sungmin whimpered as he tried to adjust to the size; Jongwoon attempted to distract Sungmin from the pain by lightly pressing his lips all over the latter's face and by whispering comforting assurances in his ear.

"It's going to be alright, Min," Jongwoon breathed into Sungmin's ear as he tightened his grip on Sungmin's hand. Sungmin, who was shivering slightly, nodded weakly.

Soon, the pain gave way to pleasure and Sungmin started to moan Jongwoon's name over and over again. Jongwoon took it as his cue to quicken his pace and soon, the room was filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and the two of them calling out each other's names repeatedly.

Sungmin shuddered when he hit his climax, and he almost collapsed heavily onto the bed. The only thing supporting his weary body were his elbows, as Jongwoon continued his thrusts. Jongwoon let out a growl when he reached his climax and he soon made his way next to Sungmin, gasping for air.

They both stayed this way for a while, until Sungmin's eyelids started to droop. Carefully, Jongwoon changed their positions so that Sungmin was nestled in his arms.

Sungmin soon fell asleep under Jongwoon's watchful gaze.


Morning came and sunlight started to stream into the room through the gaps in the curtains. Sungmin moved his limbs tiredly before he realised that Jongwoon's arms were draped around him. He snuggled closer and rested his head lightly on Jongwoon's chest. Sungmin closed his eyes and smiled blissfully as he listened to Jongwoon's steady heartbeat.

Soon enough, Jongwoon started to stir. Blinking sleepily for a while, his eyes soon fell on Sungmin. Jongwoon shifted slightly to give Sungmin a light peck on the lips.

"Morning, Min," Jongwoon yawned.

"Morning, Jongwoon," Sungmin replied, before reaching over to kiss Jongwoon's cheek.

Sungmin rested in Jongwoon's arms silently. He kept shooting Jongwoon anxious looks, which made Jongwoon's lips curl up bemusedly.

"What are you thinking of, Min?" Jongwoon prompted gently.

"I just..." Sungmin mumbled, his cheeks flushing brilliantly. "I just realised that I haven't told you something."

Jongwoon cocked his head to the side. "Hmm?" Jongwoon hummed. Taking a lock of Sungmin's hair, he started to twirl it around his finger.

"I'll stay with you forever."

Jongwoon stared at Sungmin silently. Sungmin was smiling uncertainly, as he waited for Jongwoon's reaction. When Jongwoon finally processed Sungmin's words, a soft smile slowly spread across his face.

"Thank you."

"Well," Jongwoon said, suddenly sitting upright in the bed. "I suppose it's the right time to do this."

"Eh?" Sungmin said quizzically, sitting upright as well. "Do what, Jongwoon?"

Jongwoon had slid off the bed and was holding up his jeans, which had been carelessly flung aside last night. His hand wrapped around a small object, Jongwoon soon made his way back onto the bed and sat next to a highly confused Sungmin.

Unraveling his hand slowly, Jongwoon revealed a small black velvet box to Sungmin. The latch of the box was flipped open, and two identical silver rings were glinting softly inside it.

Sungmin gasped and his hands instantly flew to his mouth. He looked up from the rings to Jongwoon, who was smiling self-consciously.

Jongwoon reached out for Sungmin's left hand and slid one of the rings onto his ring finger. Sungmin's whole hand was trembling as he did the same for Jongwoon. Once done, they both looked at each other and smiled contentedly.

Jongwoon took Sungmin's hand once more and brought the latter's fingers to his lips. Kissing the cold metal, he murmured softly, "I love you, Min. Forever and always."


A/N: I...I swear I don't know what this is either. .______. *slinks away embarassedly*

Comments are appreciated! (:
Tags: genre: crack, genre: romance, pairing: sungmin/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/sungmin, rating: r
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