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Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Chapter 9]

Title: Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Chapter 9]
Pairing(s): Yesung/Sungmin, friendship!Sungmin/Ryeowook, friendship!Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Crack
Disclaimer: No one owns the boys.
Warning: Mild language, OOC! Sungmin and some sexual innuendo.
Summary: With seduction in mind, Sungmin tries to attract Yesung's attention. Will the oblivious turtle lover take the bait?

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

From his position on the couch, Eunhyuk watched silently as Kyuhyun and Yesung put on their shoes. As Yesung opened the door, Kyuhyun turned back to inform Eunhyuk that they were leaving.

"We're going off now, Eunhyuk-hyung. Don't wait up for us!" Kyuhyun called out.

Eunhyuk pretended to jerk his head away from the television, as if he had been watching it all the while and not following the pair, and gave a brief nod.

"See ya," Eunhyuk responded, waving at them before turning back to face the television set.

Once the front door was closed, Eunhyuk waited for the lock to click. Tossing the remote control aside mindlessly, he grabbed his phone and dialed the leader's number.

"Hyung, they've all left," Eunhyuk said as soon as the dial tone was lifted.

"Good, now make your way up here."


Truthfully, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun had wanted to let Yesung and Sungmin solve their problems by themselves. But seeing their hyungs trying to cover up their heartbreak was absolutely depressing. If Cho Kyuhyun, master of snark and all things evil, was affected then you know that it's an urgent matter. Yesung and Sungmin had begun talking to each other but if one surveyed them more closely, you could detect a still air of awkwardness between them. Squint even harder, and you would notice the slight hesitance in their interactions.

Enough was enough, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun thought. They were going to talk to their hyungs, albeit separately. Ryeowook brought Sungmin to a charming little cafe located in a nearby alley. He wanted a non-intimidating, intimate setting which would put Sungmin at ease.

Kyuhyun, on the other hand, brought Yesung to a branch of a popular coffee chain. The buzzing, alive atmosphere meant that it would be difficult for the other patrons to follow their conversation, and that they would be too deep in conversation to spare him and Yesung a second glance. But most of all, Kyuhyun knew that Yesung wouldn't make a scene there. The last thing he wanted was to attract attention.

At their respective locations, armed with mugs of steaming coffee and encouraging expressions, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun waited patiently for Sungmin and Yesung to open up to them.


When Eunhyuk walked into the 12th storey dormitory, he was a little taken aback to see the rest of the members already assembled in a neat circle on the living room floor. Even Siwon and Kibum were there. It was then that Eunhyuk realised how pressing the situation was. Eunhyuk slid next to Donghae, who had been waving happily at him and was patting an empty space next to him, which Donghae had obviously saved for Eunhyuk.

Leeteuk, who was flanked by Kangin and Heechul, cleared his throat and the chatter amongst the other members slowly died down.

"I'm sure everyone has an inkling on why we're all gathered here today."

Heechul, not able to hold in his wisecrack, said in jest, "Well, it's definitely not bible study."

Han Geng let out a muffled snort. Siwon shot Heechul a slightly scandalized look and Leeteuk's lips were pursed in a thin line. Heechul scoffed at their seriousness, and rolled his eyes.

"No one can take a joke these days," Heechul muttered. "Other than you, Hannie."

"Teukie-Hyung," Shindong piped in. "It's about Sungmin and Yesung-hyung, isn't it?" He had been uncharacteristically quiet, and was waiting for Leeteuk's cue for their discussion to start.

Leeteuk nodded. Sighing, he said, "There's something going on between them, but I can't exactly pinpoint what."

"I've been following them ever since I chanced upon Yesung-hyung sharing his coffee with Sungmin-hyung," Kibum revealed. "But recently, it seems that they've been blowing hot and cold, so I can't make head or tail of their situation."

Donghae jabbed his fist in the air, before speaking up. "Hyukkie, Siwonnie and I accidentally walked in on the two of them taking a nap together. I think they fell asleep while watching a movie."

Siwon, who had his arms crossed, agreed. "They were very comfortable with each other."

Leeteuk then looked to the rest of the members. "Has anyone else encountered situations where the two of them were acting suspiciously or differently?"

Heechul said, "Well, I was having coffee with Yesung, and he kept messaging Sungmin."

Han Geng blinked; he didn't really want to share what he saw. Instead, he said, "Zhou Mi and Henry informed me that, during their music lesson with Yesung where Sungmin had tagged along, Sungmin was behaving weirdly around Yesung."

"I walked in onto Sungmin sleeping in Yesung-hyung's lap," Shindong shared.

Kangin shot Leeteuk a certain look and the elder inclined his head.

"During a recent performance, Jongwoon-hyung and Sungmin were acting weirdly after Sungmin performed fanservice with him."

Everyone was silent, as they tried to make sense of the information that was shared.

"I'm certain of one thing," Eunhyuk suddenly said. Drawn by the decisiveness in his tone, everyone else's attention shifted to him.

"Ryeowook and Kyuhyun know more of it than we do. I think they're somehow involved in it."


Ryeowook bit his lip, as his eyes followed Sungmin's withdrawn actions. The elder was quietly nibbling on a piece of cake, and his eyes were downcast. It had been thirty minutes and not one word was uttered by Sungmin. Ryeowook leaned back onto his chair and let out a heavy sigh.

Sungmin slowly looked up and gazed into Ryeowook's eyes timidly. "Are you tired of me, Ryeowook?"

"What?" Ryeowook exclaimed, shooting upright in his seat instantly. "Why would you ever think that, hyung?"

"Well," Sungmin mumbled. "For the past month, I've been bothering you with my mission with Yesung-hyung and now that it's all over, you have to deal with my stupid, pathetic self."

"Don't say that, hyung," Ryeowook implored. "It's not over and you're not stupid or pathetic. Not in the slightest."

"I am stupid. I am pathetic," Sungmin shot back immediately, his voice cracking slightly. "I drove Yesung away because of my selfishness. Every time we got intimate, I would suddenly just burst into tears. No wonder he doesn't want me-"

"Stop it, hyung. Please." Ryeowook begged once again; this time his tone was full of desperation.

The small fork fell out of Sungmin's feeble grip and it landed on the table with a resounding clatter. His eyes fell onto his lap; he was too ashamed to face Ryeowook directly anymore.

"He loves you," Ryeowook tried. "Yesung-hyung really loves you. I know that. Hasn't he told you that?"

Sungmin shook his head, his gaze still fixed on his lap.

Ryeowook frowned. "Then how did the two of you get together in the first place?"

"We..." Sungmin's voice trailed off uncertainly. "We just did."

"You didn't tell Yesung-hyung about your feelings for him? And he didn't tell you his?"

Another shake of the head.

Immediately, Ryeowook shot out of his chair.

"Are you-"

"-kidding me?" Kyuhyun stood up from his seat, unperturbed by the whispers and stares he was attracting.

Yesung didn't answer; he was still stirring his coffee silently. Kyuhyun fell back onto his chair unceremoniously, still in disbelief over what he had just heard. He scoffed. Tch, it turns out that I'm the one who's making a scene.

"So," Kyuhyun managed to find his voice. "Sungmin-hyung still doesn't know about your feelings towards him?"

"No, he doesn't," Yesung said tonelessly.

Kyuhyun pushed his fringe back agitatedly. Now everything made sense. Yesung and Sungmin had only hooked up to satisfy their own desires. There was no exchange of feelings or confessions. None.

"I can't believe you guys," Kyuhyun didn't bother to mask the irritation in his voice. And why should he? His hyungs were so dense.

Yesung didn't say anything. He continued to stir his coffee, as if Kyuhyun hadn't burst out at him. Kyuhyun folded his arms and glared at Yesung intensely. Aware that he was being glared at, Yesung finally looked up, and instantly, Kyuhyun's vexation started to ebb away upon seeing Yesung's lost expression. Kyuhyun sighed.

"Hyung," Kyuhyun's voice was calm. "Confess to Sungmin-hyung. It's the only way."

"Really?" Yesung's voice brightened hopefully.

Kyuhyun sighed yet again. "Yes, really. The problem is that the two of you are unaware of each others' feelings. That's why Sungmin-hyung held back every time; he wasn't sure if you really loved him or not. And you never pressed him further because you were aware of his discomfort and you didn't want to hurt him. I think the two of you only got together to satisfy your desires. As a result, the both of you suffered because the relationship lacked any emotional attachment or value."

Yesung slumped back into his seat as he absorbed the maknae's direct and firm, yet gentle words. Clenching his fists in his lap, he chuckled bitterly at his foolishness.

"I can't believe I led him on like that," Yesung berated himself, rubbing his face wearily. "But... I really love Min."

Kyuhyun smiled faintly. "I know you do, hyung. And that's why you need to confess to him."

Meanwhile, at the small cafe, Ryeowook had an arm around Sungmin's shoulder as the elder wringed the napkin in his hands to release his frustration.

"...So stupid! How could I have been so stupid? Stupid stupid stupid!" Sungmin chanted the same words over and over again.

Ryeowook gave Sungmin's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "Don't be too hard on yourself, hyung. You were just confused. The both of you were."

Sungmin looked up and stared into Ryeowook's eyes determinedly.

"This time, I'll make it right, Wook-ah."

Ryeowook could only smile.


"I still don't think they're sleeping with each other, hyung," Donghae expressed his views to Shindong.

Shindong shrugged. "Well, how do you know?"

Eunhyuk spoke up, "They're not the type who would advance so far into their relationship without telling us first."

Kibum nodded in agreement. "Yesung-hyung once told me that he would tell the whole world if he was ever dating someone. You know how he is."

Then, Heechul raised a point. "Sleeping together or not sleeping together, they have been giving each other mixed signals. One moment they're all cozy with each other, and the next moment, they're not talking to each other. I think they're confused themselves."

"Why don't we just ask Ryeowook or Kyuhyun what they know?" Kangin suggested.

Everyone else started to talk at once and the din was getting louder and louder with everyone trying to get their point across.

A hand was silently raised into the air. It stayed there until everyone's attention was on the owner of the hand. Han Geng withdrew his hand and smiled gratefully.

"I believe that we should let them solve their own problems, with or without Ryeowook's and Kyuhyun's help. Since we weren't approached by Yesung or Sungmin about this, I think they would appreciate it if we do not interfere with their problems."

A few mouths were opened to utter something in response, but Han Geng held up his hand again, indicating that he wasn't done just yet.

"I'm saying this out of the interests of Yesung and Sungmin. However, if they let this problem go unsolved to the point that it jeopardises the band's relationship... Then, that is when I believe we should intervene."

The rest of the members sat in silence, dumbfounded by Han Geng's sagely words. Then, Leeteuk sighed.

"I have to agree with you, Hankyung. It's best if we let them sort this out amongst themselves."


A/N: ....Is my biasness showing? Ah, but everyone should follow wise man Han Geng's words, no? XD Jk Jk. Kyuhyun's not too bad either.

Eh, I still think all my chapters suck but yay for tiny development! I'm sorry if I confused anyone with the last two chapters. The angst was really unexpected, even for me. @_____@ Get yourself together self. ;_____;

The next chapter will probably be the last chapter (unless my brain decides to come up with an epilogue...) and it may come quite late since I'm officially starting school tomorrow!

Comments are appreciated! (:
Tags: fanfiction, genre: crack, genre: romance, pairing: sungmin/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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