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Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Chapter 8]

Title: Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Chapter 8]
Pairing(s): Yesung/Sungmin, friendship!Sungmin/Ryeowook, friendship!Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Crack
Disclaimer: No one owns the boys.
Warning: Mild language, OOC! Sungmin and some sexual innuendo.
Summary: With seduction in mind, Sungmin tries to attract Yesung's attention. Will the oblivious turtle lover take the bait?

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

"Maybe it's best if we just stay away from each other for now." Yesung patted Sungmin's head softly. "I don't want to hurt you anymore."

"But hyung," Sungmin's voice trailed off uncomfortably, the choking feeling in his throat holding back his voice. His grip around Yesung's neck tightened. He didn't want to let go, he couldn't.

"Please, Min. Listen to me," Yesung whispered, before flashing a sad smile. He gently pried Sungmin's hands away and stood up carefully. Sungmin slid off Yesung's lap almost dazedly, his hands falling limply at his sides as he watched the elder walk away slowly to his room.

For the second time that day, Sungmin cried.


Once in the safety of his shared room, Yesung slumped against the door disconsolately and threw his head back in anguish. Covering his eyes with his forearm, he slowly sank onto the floor as he let his tears engulf him.


The next few days were painful. With Yesung and Sungmin avoiding each other consciously, even Eunhyuk was aware of their tense relationship. But he never voiced out, for he was uncertain of what the problem was.

Sungmin berated himself for getting too caught up in his act. He was too engrossed in luring Yesung in, that he forgot about himself, Yesung and the others around him. You' re so stupid, Lee Sungmin. How could you let your desires get in the way of rational thinking?

Yesung could only smile faintly at Sungmin whenever they happened to make eye contact. Sungmin would freeze, trying to force his lips to curl up in a smile. But he couldn't. Yesung's smile only made him feel even more guilty.

Sungmin missed Yesung's gentle touch. He missed Yesung's smooth baritone rushing against his ear, and the special smiles he reserved only for Sungmin.

Sungmin wondered whether this arrangement was for the best. But one thing was for sure; he was hurting either way.


"Damn it!" Yesung winced as he staggered his way back to the dorm. Knocking on the door frantically, he leaned on the wall weakly as he waited for someone to answer the door.

"Yesung-hyung?" Kyuhyun cried out in shock when he opened the door. "What's wrong with you?"

Yesung stumbled forward and fell into Kyuhyun's outstretched arms. From the sofa, Sungmin's and Ryeowook's heads shot up in alarm when they heard Kyuhyun's panicked voice. Running towards the door, they let out a gasp when they saw Yesung being supported by Kyuhyun.

"Hyung," Ryeowook said tensely. "What happened?"

"I..." Yesung panted heavily. "I think I pulled a muscle in my back when I was training for my marathon."

Yesung's hands shakily gripped Kyuhyun's arms, causing Sungmin to blink back his tears.

Kyuhyun coiled an arm around Yesung's waist and he turned to the other two. "I'm going bring hyung into the room to rest."

Ryeowook nodded while Sungmin could only respond with a sad squeak. They watched silently as Kyuhyun helped Yesung limp into his room.

"Hyung," Ryeowook nudged Sungmin gently. "I'm going to make some porridge for Yesung-hyung. Do you want to help?"

"Huh?" Sungmin said intelligibly. "Oh. Oh! Yes, I'll help you."

Ryeowook smiled pensively. He recognised the slight gleam in Sungmin's glassy eyes.


"Are you sure, hyung?" Ryeowook asked for what seemed like the tenth time. His eyes narrowed concernedly as he watched Sungmin pack the bowl of porridge onto the tray.

"Let me do it," Sungmin intoned.

As Sungmin raised the tray from the counter, it shook uncertainly in his weak grip. Ryeowook took a step towards Sungmin but a hand held him back.

"Kyuhyun?" Ryeowook turned to the owner of the hand. Kyuhyun had a solemn expression on his face, and his gaze was fixed determinedly on Sungmin.

"Let him do it, Wook. He knows what he's doing."


Bringing his hand to the door slowly, Sungmin lost his nerve when his knuckles touched the cold wood. Standing awkwardly in front of the door, Sungmin tried to calm his erratic breathing.

Turning the knob slowly, he peeked into the room and his heart fell. Yesung was lying face down on his bed, clad only in his boxers. His bare back would have given Sungmin inappropriate thoughts a month ago, but now, the only desire it invoked in Sungmin was to take care of Yesung and his every need.

Setting the tray gently on the bedside drawer, Sungmin hovered in front of Yesung's bed uncertainly. What should he say? What should he do?

"Min," Yesung's voice reverberated in the silent room. "I know it's you."

Sungmin clutched at his chest in alarm. Yesung knew it was him? But how?

As if he could read Sungmin's mind, Yesung soon responded, "Why wouldn't I know?" A cheeky reply. Sungmin's lips curled up unconsciously.

Turning around in his bed, Yesung tried to sit up. Sungmin immediately swooped down upon him and wrapped an arm around the elder's waist to help him up. Yesung leaned wearily against the headboard and flashed Sungmin a meek smile, which only drove to rile the other up.

"What do you think you're doing? Sitting up in your bed like that? You almost made my heart stop!" Sungmin chided Yesung angrily. Taken aback by the sudden tirade, Yesung's eyes widened in horror and he pulled his blanket over himself, the fabric acting as an feeble defense against Sungmin's outburst.

"-Really, you should just let me do everything for you! I swear I'll grow ten white hairs if you do that again!" Sungmin ended his rant, his cheeks flushed in anger and his chest heaving heavily. He turned to look at Yesung's bemused expression and his eyes softened immediately.

"I'm sorry, hyung," Sungmin sighed. "I shouldn't have exploded like that."

"It's fine, Min." Yesung smiled yet again.

As Sungmin fed Yesung, he would always ensure that he blew onto every spoonful of porridge before offering it to Yesung, who took in the spoonfuls mutely. The silence was neither stifling nor uncomfortable. The pair didn't just didn't know what to say to each other and were afraid of breaking the neutral atmosphere.

Resting against the headboard of the bed, Yesung watched quietly as Sungmin fussed over the flask of water.

"Reminds you of how you took care of me a month ago huh, Min?" Yesung closed his eyes tiredly.

Sungmin paused. He could feel himself tearing up again. His gaze fell onto his lap and he clenched his fists tightly as he willed himself to suppress his tears.

"It does," Sungmin managed to say. "It does," He repeated, a nostalgic tone lacing his voice.

Sungmin felt a sudden warmth on his hand. Focusing his rapidly blurring vision onto it, he soon found Yesung's hand over his. Looking up slowly, he met Yesung's kind eyes with much difficulty.

"Stay with me, Min."

Yesung's grip on Sungmin's hand tightened just a touch, and Sungmin blinked furiously, titling his head back to stop the tears from falling.



Holding the bag of groceries in one hand, Han Geng knocked on the door of the 11th storey dormitory with his other hand. A moment later, Ryeowook opened the door and greeted him. The withdrawn expression on Ryeowook's face worried Han Geng but he decided not to press on and walked into the apartment.

"Hankyung-hyung," Kyuhyun called out from the sofa. Han Geng smiled and titled his head in response.

Scratching his head nervously, Ryeowook eyed the plastic bag in Han Geng's hand.

"Hyung, what's that?"

"Hmm?" Han Geng raised an eyebrow before his gaze shifted to his plastic bag. "Oh this! I got a great discount on pumpkins at the market earlier. I came here to give Sungmin these pumpkins."

Ryeowook cast an uneasy look at Kyuhyun, whose face mirrored Ryeowook's anxiety. Han Geng could only blink confusedly.

"If Sungmin isn't around, I can just leave the pumpkins here..."

Ryeowook nodded furiously. Han Geng was even more bewildered. Shaking away his confusion, Han Geng left the bag on the counter and headed towards the toilet.

"Hankyung-hyung, where are you going?" Ryeowook and Kyuhyun chorused immediately.

"To the toilet?" Han Geng answered bemusedly. The relief of both of the maknaes' faces were so palpable, had Han Geng not been so confused, he would have laughed at them.

Really, had everyone in the dormitory gone crazy or something?


Resting his head against Yesung's chest, Sungmin could feel himself getting lulled by the steady beating of Yesung's heart. His head was nestled in between Yesung's head and chest, and he was pulled flush against Yesung's chest. Yesung was already asleep, his chest rising and falling methodically.

"I need you, Min," Yesung whispered in Sungmin's ear. "Stay with me."

There was no mistaking the earnestness in Yesung's tone.

"You don't have to answer me now. But I'll be waiting. I'll wait forever if I have to."

And with that declaration, Yesung took Sungmin's hand in his and brought it to his lips.


"We'll work something out. Somehow."

Sungmin closed his eyes. He could only hope so.


As Han Geng walked down the hallway, he couldn't help but notice that the door of Yesung's and Ryeowook's shared room was left slightly ajar. With every intention of closing it, Han Geng approached the door and made to close it. However, curiosity got the better of him when he spotted two sleeping forms on Yesung's bed.

Pushing the door open a tad bit wider, Han Geng's eyes fell on Yesung and Sungmin. Han Geng couldn't help but smile when he saw Sungmin's serene face and Yesung's arms, which were draped loosely around Sungmin's waist.

He shut the door discreetly, allowing the two to have the privacy that they deserved.


A/N: Update yay.

I don't know what to do anymore OTL. It's veered so far away from my original draft. ...I'll figure something out.

Please don't listen to me here; I'm such a troll in the A/Ns. ;_____;

Comments are appreciated! (:
Tags: fanfiction, genre: crack, genre: romance, pairing: sungmin/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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