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Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Chapter 1]

Title: Seducing Mr. Oblivious [Chapter 1]
Pairing(s): Yesung/Sungmin, friendship!Sungmin/Ryeowook, friendship!Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Crack
Disclaimer: No one owns the boys.
Warning: Mild language, OOC! Sungmin and some sexual innuendo.
Summary: With seduction in mind, Sungmin tries to attract Yesung's attention. Will the oblivious turtle lover take the bait?

Yesung stared hard at the sight before him. Lee Sungmin, his fellow bandmember and long-time secret object of affection, was eating ice cream. Not that there's anything wrong with ice cream, of course, but the way Sungmin was eating it was another thing altogether.

Sungmin sucked on the popsicle hard. His mouth ran up and down the popsicle ever so slowly. He flicked his tongue over the tip and down the sides. All while having a cute, innocent expression on his face. When Sungmin took in the whole popsicle in his mouth, Yesung let out a weak cough.

Well, fuck me, thought Yesung as he watched his dongsaeng eat ever so seductively. Wait? Seductively?! Yesung mentally slapped himself for having such immoral thoughts about Sungmin. He tried staring at his shoes instead, and willed himself to think about his turtles, his radio schedule, his favourite football team - Anything but Sungmin and his skillful tongue.

"Hyung," He heard Sungmin call out. Slowly, with trepidation, Yesung looked up and swallowed his saliva.

Sungmin was licking his sticky hand fervently. His puffy cheeks hollowed as he sucked on his right index finger. Yesung could feel his jeans becoming uncomfortably tight and promptly tried to cover the front of his jeans with his sling bag.

Shit, this is not happening!

Yesung hurried over to Sungmin's side. Producing a piece of tissue from his jeans pocket, he began to wipe Sungmin's fingers. Yesung swiftly proceeded to his mouth, wiping the smudges that Sungmin was trying to clean off with his tongue.

"Honestly, do you know how to take care of yourself?" Yesung asked Sungmin exasperatedly. He had finished dabbing Sungmin's mouth and started to wipe his nose. How the hell did he even dirty his nose in the first place?

Sungmin giggled. He rocked on his heels, making Yesung even more frustrated. (This time, not in the sexual sense, mind you.)

"But Yesung-hyung, why should I when you're already so willing to take care of me?" Sungmin teased, wrapping his arms around the elder's neck.

Yesung couldn't think of a counter. It was mostly because of the fact that he couldn't deny it, and partly due to the fact that Sungmin decided it was a good time to breathe onto his neck.


When they finally reached the 11th storey dorm, Yesung pried off Sungmin, who was clinging onto his arm, and stalked off to the bathroom wordlessly. Sungmin pouted and watched Yesung's retreating back silently. He sat down onto the sofa, looking slightly defeated.

"Hyung," Ryeowook spared a glance at Sungmin across the sofa. "How was the ice-cream trip?"

Sungmin sighed. "Yummy, but uneventful."

Ryeowook gave a brief snort of amusement. "Somehow, I don't want to know what that means."

Standing up, Sungmin sauntered over to the front of television. He spread his arms out and stuck his tongue out, earning a disgruntled objection from the eternal maknae.

"Too bad. After this drama, we'll have a mini conference in your room."

Ryeowook stared at his hyung incredulously. "What about Yesung-hyung?"

Sungmin giggled at the mention of the dorm leader's name. Twirling his hair, he answered easily, "Oh, he'll be...busy. I'm sure of it."


Yesung looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He could detect the lust behind his half-lidded eyes. If a damn popsicle was enough to do this do him, who knew what could happen if Sungmin went even further?

He splashed a handful of water onto his face and gripped the edges of the sink tightly. Heaving slightly, he continued splashing handful after handful of water onto his face until his damp hair clung onto his forehead. He stumbled backwards and sank onto the toilet seat, burying his face in his hands.

Yesung was certain that he saw Sungmin's triumphant smirk when he had faltered upon seeing the latter licking his hand. Sungmin was playing with him, that much he knew.

But why?

It wasn't that Sungmin was interested in him. No, it couldn't be. Other than in the dorm, the both of them rarely hung out with each other. Yesung could even say that they were awkward together, despite Yesung's attempts to get closer to Sungmin. (Most of the time, they bombed hard.)

He knew that he needed to talk to someone. He couldn't talk to Leeteuk; he was scared that the leader would judge him for having such thoughts about a fellow band member. He couldn't talk to Kangin either. Sure, Kangin was like his best friend but he fumbled at such topics. Moreover, Kangin would probably insist on talking over a few bottles of soju (which he miraculously produced out of thin air). He would end up stone drunk, leaving Yesung to drag his inebriated dongsaeng to his room. Yeah, that prospect definitely wasn't appealing.

Yesung stood up and shook his head. Pushing his fringe back, he let out a sigh and headed towards the door.

He would have to leave it aside for now.


"I should just come onto him or something; I just can't stand it anymore!' Sungmin moaned before leaning back to rest on the headboard of Yesung's bed.

"Hyung!" Ryeowook couldn't believe what Sungmin was saying. "You know what little self-control Yesung-hyung has! He would probably pull you into a secluded area and..." He trailed off, shuddering slightly.

Sungmin shot up excitedly. "That's not a bad idea, Wook-ah! There was an alley near the ice-cream shop." His face took on a dreamlike quality as he fantasised the possibilities. Most of them had Yesung pressed up against him with his hot breath against Sungmin's ear and-

"Hyung!" The vein in Ryeowook's forehead was practically throbbing. "He might just take advantage of you!"

"It won't matter if I like it." Sungmin fluttered his eyelashes suggestively.

Ryeowook promptly threw a pillow at Sungmin. The elder caught it effortlessly and buried his face into the pillow.

"You should have seen the look on your face, hahahaha!" Sungmin laughed into the pillow.

Ryeowook crossed his arms huffily, looking slightly affronted. "That wasn't funny, hyung! I thought you were serious! It's like you had zero self-control and self-respect!"

Sungmin wiped the tears from his eyes. "Heechul-hyung must be pleased that I'm learning from him."


In the living room of the 12th storey dorm, Heechul let out a big sneeze. Immediately, he shook his hair back into place.

"Heechul-ah, are you okay?" Han Geng called out from the kitchen.

Heechul sniffled, wiping his nose with his shirt sleeve. "Yeah, I'm alright."

Concerned, Donghae leaned forward from the sofa. "Maybe...It's your cat, hyung?" He suggested tentatively.

Heechul glared daggers at Donghae. Donghae gulped, shifting back unconsciously.

"Don't bring my cat into this, Donghae-yah."

"Yes, hyung." Came Donghae's meek reply.


Yesung frowned at the locked door of his and Ryeowook's shared room. His hand paused midway of knocking on the door when he heard Sungmin's laughter. Backing away slowly, he turned away and walked down the hallway aimlessly.

"Hyung?" Yesung heard a soft voice calling for him. He immediately turned his head and came face-to-face with Kyuhyun.

Yesung chuckled nervously. "Oh hey, Kyuhyun."

"Are you busy right now?" Kyuhyun questioned. "I want to show you something."

"Huh? Oh no no, I'm free!" Yesung shook his head furiously, earning a small chuckle from the maknae.

"Great!" Kyuhyun flashed a questioning smile before slinging an arm around the elder and leading him towards his shared room with Sungmin.


"So," Yesung coughed. "You wanted to talk to me?" He stared at Kyuhyun, back facing him as the younger rummaged through his drawer.

"Mhmm," Kyuhyun answered. "I want to show you something."

When Kyuhyun sat down next to him with a voice recorder in hand, Yesung eyed the device curiously.

"You want me to help you with your singing?" It was the only thing that Yesung could think of.

Kyuhyun smirked, his eyes glinting cheekily. "Nope, it's... Well, you'll understand once you've heard it."

Pressing the play button, Kyuhyun leaned back and stretched his hands.

"No, not there! That tickles!"

Yesung gaped. "Isn't that Sungmin's voice?"

Kyuhyun brought a finger to his lips, effectively silencing the elder.

"No no no, I told you to stop! Aw, you're so naughty!"

Immediately, Yesung pressed the pause button. He looked up from the voice recorder and stared at Kyuhyun passively. "I don't see why I would be interested in your kinky activities with Sungmin, Kyuhyun."

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and pressed the play button again. "I told you to listen, didn't I?"

"Hah- Please, not there! Jongwoon, please! Stop teasing me!"

Yesung's eyes bulged from their sockets.

"Wait, so are you role-playing as me or what?" Yesung finally said, after a few minutes.

Kyuhyun could only bring his hand to his face and rub it agitatedly.


"Minnie-hyung, you know that I support you chasing after Yesung-hyung. It's just that-" Ryeowook broke off, unsure of how to continue his sentence.

Sungmin blinked innocently at Ryeowook, prompting him to continue. The eternal maknae interpreted this in two ways. One: Sungmin was completely receptive towards what he was going to say. Two: Sungmin was going to go all Ninja Assassin on him if he dared to say the wrong thing. Ryeowook hastily made a silent prayer and hoped that it was the first one.

"Uhm," Ryeowook stammered. "You and Yesung-hyung aren't really that close to begin with, so so- if you go all out on him, wouldn't it be weird?"

Ryeowook shot a quick glance at Sungmin. To his utmost relief, Sungmin was hardly offended and looked as though he was mulling over his suggestion. Ryeowook exhaled sharply, letting go of the breath that he had been unconsciously holding.

Sungmin rolled over in Yesung's bed, wrapping the blanket around his frame. "Then what am I supposed to do, Wookie?" While Sungmin had all these thoughts and fantasies revolving around the elder that he would definitely want to carry out in real life...He conceded that, if he was in Yesung's shoes, he would definitely be freaked out if someone started to seduce him out of the blue.

Ryeowook laughed. "Get closer to him, of course! Why don't you start off small and try hanging out with him first? But this time, no ice cream." Ryeowook put his hands on his hips, daring the elder to say otherwise.

It was Sungmin's turn to laugh. "Alright, alright. No ice cream." He put his hands up in mock defeat.


Later at night, in the comfort of his own bed, Sungmin's mind was filled with ways to start getting closer to Yesung. He had to remind himself countless of times to control himself. So no touching, no innuendo or suggestive actions. Which effectively ruled out half of his ideas, unfortunately.

Oh well, Sungmin thought. Maybe I shouldn't think too much. Spontaneity can be fun too!

As Sungmin closed his eyes, a slight smirk graced his lips.

Alright. Mission: Seducing Mr. Oblivious, commence!


A/N: Ehm. I wonder how my best friend will view this. *hides behind Chansung*

I do apologise for Sungmin. But I love in control!Sungmin and not cutesy!Sungmin, so I would like to see him as the seducer. XD Sungmin's always the one who initiates things, to me. ...Just ignore me, thanks.

Yeah, and the rating will change...in the later chapters. I used the word 'seducing' for a reason. XD But no smut. I don't write smut only fail!implied smut.
Tags: fanfiction, genre: crack, genre: romance, pairing: sungmin/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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