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It's gonna be me!

I'm a river in France
Yes, I'm a Kyuhyun-biased who has a Han Geng-related LJ username, and I have the most obvious pairing bias for YeMin. ...I confuse everyone.

Friend add? ^^ Comment here, or send me a private message, please! :D

(Currently on a month-long hiatus.) I'm almost always on a hiatus. orz

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"i'm a girl.", "i'm not 13.", 2pm, 8059, admiring sunye, after school, anything cho kyuhyun sings, art attack, astrology, bananas, beast, beijing fried rice, being a recluse, bekah, bleach, boom boom boom, bowties, brendon urie's voice, chanana, chansung's gluttony, chansung/49.5 bananas, chilling, chrome dokuro, clap clap clap, collonelloxlal, colors, dino cavallone, donghae's engrish, donghae's eyes, donghae's hip thrusts, donghae's profile, drawing, eunhyuk's jawline, eunhyuk's red hair, fangirling, fashion (no judging), gahee, geeks, ginran, giotto, girls' generation, gokudera hayato, haehyuk, han geng's awkward korean, han geng's hip thrusts, han geng's laugh, han geng's legs, han geng's profile, hanchul, happy endings, harry potter, hbic heechul, heechul's flawless beauty, heesica, hello kitty, henners lau, henry lau's chubby cheeks, henry lau's english, hibari kyoya, hibird, hisagi shuuhei, ichimaru gin, jung ah, k-pop, kami korosu, kangteuk, katekyo hitman reborn!, kibum's smile, kihaehyuk, kittens, korea no.1 handsome man, kyokugen, kyuhyun in a suit, kyuhyun's smirk, kyuhyun-ah, kyuhyun/almost anyone, kyuhyun/food, kyuhyun/milk tea, leeteuk's dimple, leeteuk's ponytail, lurking, maknaes, maknaes in general, maknaes on top, mean girls, meow meow meow, milk tea, mimin, more fangirling, namimori anthem, nana, nerds, old and foreign-looking maknaes, om nom nom, onkey, panic!at the disco, paramore, qmimin, randomness, reading, ryeowook's cheekbones, ryeowook's high notes, ryoheixhana, sasagawa ryohei, sawada tsunayoshi, second chances, shibrows, shinee, shinmin's friendship, sistar, siwon's gestures, sleeping, sooyoung's legs, stalking yemin fics, strawberry milk, sungmin's awesomeness, sungmin's hair, sungmin's lips, sungmin's profile, sungmin's smile, super junior, super junior - m, teal, teukie umma, to kill a mockingbird, totally spies, tsunaxkyoko, unicorns, writing, yamagoku, yamamoto takeshi, yehmin, yemin, yesung's belting, yesung's blank/bored look, yesung's dancing, yesung's eyes, yesung's legs, yesung's voice, zhou mi's legs